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Register your Biography .bio domain name with us today!

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Register your Biography domain name with today and take advantage of savings for multi-year registrations. read about the pricing, registration requirements, and registration timeframe for .bio below.

Domain Registration Fees
1 Year 74.99 USD
2 Years 149.98 USD
3 Years 224.97 USD
4 Years 299.96 USD
5 Years 374.95 USD
6 Years 449.94 USD
7 Years 524.93 USD
8 Years 599.92 USD
9 Years 674.91 USD
10 Years 749.90 USD
Registration Requirements

The .bio gTLD is unrestricted unless your company is in the organic, food or agricultural industries.

Organic Industry -

Organic food production is subject to national and international standards and legislations. When you apply for the domain name, you will need certify you are in the production or distribution of organic products, and show compliance with domestic laws.

In addition, registrants will be required to display on their website the “organic label” of their country along with a reference to their “organic” certification according to international laws.

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